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Another year older, another year wiser.

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In just an hour, the date will turn to October 16, and I’ll turn 24.  Hard to believe how fast this year’s gone, and pretty soon, I’m not going to be able to even keep up with my own birthdays.  It’s interesting to me how much meaning we seem to put into birthdays.  We celebrate, we throw parties, we buy gifts (sometimes, very expensive gifts), and we even go out of our way to make other people’s birthdays once-in-a-lifetime special.  Of course, as we get older, we like to tell people that they aren’t important to us, that we don’t want to be reminded of another year going by, but, I think the truth is that we really enjoy having a day – a holiday – that’s all our own…to a point.

Even if we only take the day to pamper ourselves, to stay in, do something we love, it’s still special.  It’s a day to reminisce, a day to remember what we’ve done with our lives, how far we’ve come, where we’re headed.  Of course, there are those milestone birthdays, those that hold special meaning in different societies.  As far as I know, 24 isn’t one of those.  And, really, 21 is the last big birthday we have before 30, and then it’s 40, 50, and so on…I only hope that we accept them with grace, dignity, and the realization that age is merely a number.  What really matters is that we keep ourselves young.  After all, you’re only as young (or old) as you feel, and, me…I feel like I’m turning 11 again.


The joy of new technology!

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My birthday is still two days away, but because FedEx is unbelievably prompt in their delivery and my parents are really great at the whole “being prepared” thing, I have a new toy to play with! And thus I write to you from my brand new, shiny, purple, laptop. It’s funny that I had the same reaction to this as I did when I was five and got the exact doll I wanted for Christmas.

So, why, as adults, do we still act like kids on Christmas morning? Like our lives will never be the same now that we have a shiny new tool? Probably because they never will, and that’s a fact. I know that my life is vastly improved by this addition to my life. If only because I can once again experience sitting in front of the TV while typing a blog entry. It’s sad, really, that we line up for the latest cell phone, video game, personal technology…people wait in the cold for hours for these things and pay more money than some of us spend in a month to have these new toys. Even sadder is the fact that, once we have them in our hands, there’s someone out there already working on a newer, faster, prettier, shinier device for you to wait for next year.

It’ll never end. And our lives are forever changed.