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A Day off in the Real World.

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One day off this week, and I’ve spent most of it lying around the house watching TV. It’s not unusual. When I’m not inspired to do anything, I tend to waste away the day doing, well, nothing. And living here, in a place that is probably the most uninspiring thing in my life…well, I’m not often inclined to do much. Maybe that’s why I spend so much of my time reading, studying, and crocheting anymore. I’ve been doing a lot of that, crocheting. I’m hoping that I can have my afghan done at least by Christmas, if not earlier. I really should take some photos of it to post, as I’m rather impressed with myself and my dedication to actually finishing it.

Speaking of creating things, a friend of mine has offered to teach me how to knit. I’m hoping we can get together soon so I can maybe try my hand at knitting some cute accessories for winter – scarves, hats, socks…maybe a sweater? She and I are talking about having knitting/crocheting parties (which makes me laugh and think that, really, we’re just a couple of old women), and I think it would be tons of fun!

I’ve also been writing a lot of letters and cards lately. I miss writing letters, and think that, in reality, something is lost with the impersonal nature of e-mail and Facebook-ing. So, I’ve written a couple of letters to very dear friends, sent a few cards just to say I’m thinking about them, and, in general, have just been having a good time with it. I’m hoping that maybe I can get into handmaking cards like Mom has done in the past, but first I think she and I need to clear off some space in the house to have room for it!

And, as I reach the pinnacle of my creative outlets of late, let’s talk about the house. I’m supposed to wait to finish my bedroom until after we get the wall fixed so the brick doesn’t continue caving in, but I’m really thinking that I should just start painting now. I really want to create a space that’s all my own as opposed to the space that was created for me. Of course, I still don’t spend much of my time there, as the computer and TV and everything are still upstairs. But, if I can find a new laptop, get wireless internet, and have the cable wired through the basement? There’s no stopping me! And I’ve got plenty of ideas for the design of my room! I’m actually very excited about the whole thing, as it panders to my former career dreams (when I was about 15) of being an interior designer. Then I realized that you have to be able to draw plans for design and that I therefore couldn’t do it. I can’t draw a straight line correctly!