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The rush that comes with that cool October wind…and a win!

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Okay, I couldn’t help myself from writing this post. As a faithful baseball (and Rockies) fan, I think it’s in my (unwritten) contract. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to watch today’s game because someone (read: my boss) had me scheduled this afternoon. Of course, who could have known last week that today would be the day to clinch our second playoff berth in three years? Note that I say “our”…I feel that through 17 seasons of being a fan, through the ups and downs, the successes and failures that I deserve a little piece of this, too. If nothing else, I’ve at least contributed to their revenue for what adds up to be more than half of my own lifetime.

Of course, this day isn’t just about this year, it’s not just about last year (read: heartbreak for the entire offseason), and it’s not *just* about the last 17 years of my life and the fact that I feel that this season was fated – at least from early June when they finally fired Clint Hurdle (sorry Clint, but you just weren’t cutting it). Two years ago, on this very night – October 1 – I was sitting in my living room watching the play-in game versus the Padres. I remember the fear and anxiety like it was yesterday. It started in about the 3rd inning…that’s how into this I get.

Of course, one thing is very different from that year: I’m not headed to Denver next week. In 2007, I had a very destined trip to Denver already planned for October, long before Rocktober was even in sight, and I was lucky enough to see the Rockies clinch the NLDS versus the Phillies on my first night in town. I wish I could make it out there this year, as I’m hoping for some retribution for that awful end to ’07.

But, there are still games to play – who knows, we might even end up NL West Champs! – and the playoffs aren’t exactly easy to go through. It’s a nerve wracking experience from the comfort of my own home.

But, Rockies, know that I’ll be celebrating with you just the same!